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Elevate Your Conference Experience with Digital Literacy

Elevate Your Conference Experience with Digital Literacy

If you are hitting the road for any of the technology conferences packed into the next few months, this newsletter issue is for you. We are discussing how to ensure you have the right foundational knowledge to navigate a showroom floor full of technology companies all telling you they have "AI and ML!!" and diving into tips and tricks to make the most of any in-person event.

The internet is full of satirical videos mocking the AI hype that is present at every technology conference. These videos are funny because they are true (and this is coming from a Keynote speaker who talks about AI and the impact it will have on our future).

But even for someone well-versed in technology, its acronyms, and what questions to ask to learn more about a platform, the expo floor at a big technology conference can be overwhelming. All the AI's and ML's start to blend together, and it can be difficult to stay focused or have anything even leave an impression.

A little digital literacy and some conference planning go a long way ahead of these big events, and I am giving you some suggestions below. 👇🏼

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