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Comparison is Stealing More Than Your Joy

Comparison is Stealing More Than Your Joy

Comparison is the thief of 𝗷̶𝗼̶𝘆̶ innovation.

It's natural to look at what others are doing, especially in our era of rapid change. But there are some unintended consequences of constantly watching others or tricking yourself into believing you are behind. When you spend too much time focused outside your four walls you can accidentally become fixated on mirroring your competitors.

When you're constantly comparing your company or industry to others, your vision becomes narrow. Digital transformation and innovation are all about creativity and thinking outside the box. When companies fall into the comparison trap, they inadvertently stifle their own imagination or lose track of what YOUR people (customers and employees) are looking for.

Comparison can be more than "a thief of joy." It can rob you of the chance to evolve and innovate in ways that are authentic to your company.

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