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Who Will Say Your Name?

Who Will Say Your Name?
2024 Insurtech Hartford Making Waves Awards Winners

Last week I got to get on stage and helped honor some of the top Influencers in the Insurance Industry at the Insurtech Hartford Symposium. These Making Waves recipients are stepping up and out to take control of the conversation happening in our industry, and it matters.

But it is more than just building "Influence" that matters. Building a community that not only knows who you are but also trusts and values what you bring to the table is what thought leadership is all about.

Networking on LinkedIn isn’t sliding into DMs with your resume or a cold pitch. Heidi Sirota, the keynote speaker at the Symposium, said it best when she said: “Networking should be about building a group of people who will say your name when you're not in the room.”

While traditional networking like in-person events and coffee meetups still work, LinkedIn offers a whole new way to expand your reach, build authority, and foster connections on a massive scale. But you need to have the right mindset. Your thought leadership should be about more than "influence" and more about truly providing value.

Keep reading for a few insights on how to build a thought leadership practice on LinkedIn that leads to a network that will say your name when it matters most 👇🏼

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