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How to Get Everything You Want

How to Get Everything You Want

The path to what we want is paved with things we don't want to do. Whether it's eating a balanced diet to achieve health goals or having those tough, crucial conversations at work, success often requires embracing the uncomfortable.

💪 Embracing the Tough Stuff for Real Change

During a recent workout class, as I was thinking, "Zero percent of me wants to do another set of burpees," quickly followed by, "If you want to accomplish your goals, you will push through," it struck me: this is exactly like digital transformation. Success isn’t just about the flashy, exciting parts; it’s about doing the hard work that we often try to avoid.

In Digital Transformation, we see the same mistakes over and over again. They all seem to bubble back to avoiding the hard stuff with the assumption that we can figure it out later or that if we choose the right tool, it won't matter anyway.

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