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Lead from Where You Are

Lead from Where You Are
"Business Leaders"

Be Authentic, they say, but what does that even mean?

The answer will be different for everyone.

You have to be an authentic leader, whether as an executive or a thought leader. Gone are the days when you are only measured on your performance as an executive. People want to work for people they like and admire, which takes a lot more than being "professional" and what I used to envision when I thought of a "leader" in corporate America.

Breaking Free from Preconceived Notions

A few years ago, I wouldn't dream of making a video for LinkedIn in a random t-shirt and hat. That isn't what fancy business people did. If I wanted to be taken seriously as a younger female in the industry, I couldn't afford to do anything that fell outside the norm.

But here's the thing: I was wrong. Authenticity is what MADE me a leader. Authentic leadership isn't about perfection but about leading from where you are with the heart of a lifelong learner. Keep reading for my thoughts on what being an authentic leader means 👇🏼

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