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Empowering Through Purpose

Empowering Through Purpose

About ten years ago, I took a personality index to see if I would be a good fit for a job I was applying to. Most of the findings were what I know to be true about my personality: AGGRESSIVELY social, relatively creative... but there was one part of my profile that still sticks out in my mind today.

The personality index pointed to my being empathetic to others and their decisions, unless I don't understand the logic behind their choices.

I have to understand the logic and the WHY behind something if I am going to support it. In that job, my boss would often say, "I know I need to give you a good "Why" if I am going to ask you to do something, or I know you simply won't."

This part of my personality has made me downright fanatic about making sure that leaders use the 'Why' to evolve into a vision that resonates with everyone on the team, and that "Why' translated into tangible 'What's in it for me' statements for everyone involved.

This week we are diving into some examples. 👇🏼

💻 Insurance – Implementing New Software

The Why:
"Our mission is to empower policyholders, providing steadfast support through life's uncertainties and enabling effective risk management. We are committed to being a constant ally in our customers' lives, offering innovative solutions and expert guidance to navigate through their most challenging times."

The Vision:
"We envision a customer experience where innovative tools come together to offer unparalleled support from our team to offer empathy and human touch. Our aim is not just to respond to claims but to be a proactive partner in our customers’ journey, enhancing the insurance experience to be more empathetic, efficient, and empowering.

To do this, we are going to implement a new claims administration platform over the next 18 months. This will start with a detailed evaluation of our processes and how you interact with them. Then, with the support of the project team, we will select the right platform to make our vision a reality and focus on implementing the new tool."


"Embracing the new platform will make it easier for you to support policyholders effectively. You'll have quicker access to information, improving both your efficiency and the accuracy of the support you provide and the solution will enable you to work across fewer systems, simplifying your workflow.

The new solution should also improve the digital self-service options for customers, and over time, reduce the number of abandoned digital experiences so that you have fewer interactions with frustrated policyholders.

Ultimately, your role will become more focused on providing quality service rather than managing disjointed processes, contributing to our collective goal of exceptional policyholder support."

🌱 Retail Industry – Sustainability Initiative

The Why:

"We believe people can look good and not do harm to the environment. We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact by transitioning to sustainable packaging. This initiative reflects our dedication to eco-friendly practices, acknowledging our responsibility towards the planet and future generations. It’s a vital step in our journey to become more environmentally conscious and reduce our carbon footprint."

The Vision:

"Our goal is to establish ourselves as a leader in the retail industry for sustainability. We envision a future where our eco-friendly practices set the standard for the industry, demonstrating that business success and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand. This includes not just sustainable packaging, but also adopting green logistics, energy-efficient operations, and a holistic approach to sustainability that resonates with our customers and inspires other companies.

To do this we will need the support of every department as we explore options for supporting sustainability while also ensuring that we maintain our standards and exceed our customer's expectations. We will need the support from the entire team to make this vision a reality."


"Your involvement in this initiative makes you a crucial contributor to a greener future. Additionally, your work in this area will enhance your skills in sustainable practices, making you a valuable asset in an increasingly eco-conscious market. You’ll gain hands-on experience and training to support our cutting-edge environmental initiatives, positioning you at the forefront of industry innovation."

🌟 Empowering Through Purpose

As leaders, our job isn't just to dictate tasks. It's to inspire purpose and show each team member how their work contributes to a larger vision. Not every decision will be monumental, but each should align with the broader purpose of our organization.

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