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5 Ways to Bridge the Multi-Generational Skill Gap

5 Ways to Bridge the Multi-Generational Skill Gap

Despite being digital natives, Gen Z might not be as digitally literate in workforce technologies as we assume. According to Salesforce: "Only 32% of this digital-native generation feels very equipped with the resources to learn the digital skills needed to thrive in the current or future workforce."

It's easy to assume that younger generations are inherently tech-savvy. But, no matter what age an employee is, we can't assume they know how to use the technology needed for them to be proficient in their role without some level of training.

Even more experienced hires may have used a tool in the past, but just because someone has used Salesforce at one company doesn't mean it is identical in your environment. Google and Microsoft are similar but not identical... You get the idea.

There is a learning curve to technology that we seem to have forgotten.

Young or old, employees need the training to be effective with the tools that they are expected to use in their role. Keep reading for some tips to support digital literacy with your team 👇🏼

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